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Download the Elsen's latest .nar file here!

Download the Elsen's balloon here!

An Elsen from the world of OFF has found a way to join you on your desktop! He comes from Alma in Zone 1 and is a bit confused at the whole situation, and it's up to you to ensure his stress stays low and that you keep his sugar in check.

The Shop

You can gain Credits to buy food, sugar, and other stuff for the Elsen, and you can also play fun games like a quiz or the ever-so-popular Balloon Game!

The Balloon Game The Quiz

Do beware, if the Elsen gets too stresed or sugar deprived, he might become Burnt. And when that happens, you won't be able to save him. So you'd best use Wide Angle on him to check on his status.

Using Wide Angle

Fret not, however. If you just want the Elsen to sit on your desktop so you can chat, pet, and play with him, then he does have a Pause feature you can utitlize! That way, he'll be as passive as any other ghost.


This particular Elsen comes from Zone 1 and works at the meat fountains of Alma. He fills bottles with meat that then gets shipped out to the other zones so everyone can eat. He used to work in Pentel at the metal farmsteads where he found his love for cows, although that came with the problem that he had to kill the cows for metal. But after all that hard work, he got promoted to Alma!

To work in Alma is an honour, for that is where Dedan's office resides. Our Elsen here looks up highly to Dedan and exlusively refers to him as "Master Dedan", and considers him a great boss.


WARNING: Here lies spoilers!!

What's an Ukagaka/ghost?

An Ukagaka, or ghost, is a character that sits on your desktop! They can do little tasks for you such as emptying your recycling bin, checking for new emails, or checking the weather. Mostly they'll just keep you company and say random dialogue.

Ghosts are very diverse, some have a strong focus on story and discovering information, while others are full of interesting functions or games.

How do I use a ghost?

To use a ghost, you'll need a program to run it in. If you're on Windows, you can use SSP. If you're not on a Windows computer there are some options available, but you'll have to play around and see what works for you.

Mac: Ukagaka on Macs, NiseRingo, PlayonMac+SSP, WineBottler

For those using SSP, go ahead and download the complete install package from the website. When you run it a catgirl should appear and say something in Japanese. Drag and drop the .nar file you download for this ghost on her, and she should install them for you. Once she's done, right click her, hover over 'change ghost', and select the appropriate ghost!

If you get an error window in Japanese when you start SSP, it probably can't find any ghosts to run. You can try dropping the .nar file onto that window. If that doesn't work, click the first button and point it towards your ghost directory(It should be \SSP\ghost).

If the right click menu is in Japanese, the language option is the 4th one up from the bottom. Select English, restart SSP(you can close it with the bottom option), and you should be good to go.

If the catgirl will not install any ghosts for you, you can unzip the .nar file and drag the contents into the \SSP\ghost folder. Your unzipped folder should have subfolders called 'ghost' and 'shell' on the top level. Restart SSP and look in the right click menu again, and they should be in your list of ghosts.

Instructions on how to use each ghost are in their readmes, which should automatically pop up when you install them! If it doesn't appear, you can see it by opening them, right clicking, and going to information>Read me.

Planned Updates:

- Flesh out dialogue during sugar deprivation

- Add communications for other ghosts

- The Leo Card

- More to be added!

Version History